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  • 17% Comedy
  • 13% Fantasy
  • 13% Animation
  • 11% Drama
  • 11% Action
  • 10% Sci-Fi
  • 25% Others
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i like watching series :D , love talking english and i really enjoy finding new and exciting series to watch have sugestions ? drop them down below :P (horror , anime , action , fantasy and the supernatural)

Favorite Series
One-Punch Man
instead of using one punch , i think i would have to use 1 word AMAZING
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
love it so much , finally a horror type series that isn't made for horny teens :D
Dragon Ball
the orignal dragon ball series i frikking love it , can't get enough off it and will watch it over and over again :D
Death Note
watched it , loved it then at the end hated it :S
Dragon Ball Z
An amazing anime to watch. you love it or you hate it :D. i enjoy watching it over and over again. hope you like it too :D
This is simply an amazing series , it is so addicting , if i watch 1 episode i force myself to watch the next one , and time flies !! 10/10 would watch again :D

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